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Regassing your car air con unit is worth considering about every three years or so. The volume of gas in the system reduces owing to leakage and the system itself becomes depleted eventually without regassing. You may of may not notice the effect as it happens so slowly, but the cooling effect is reduced and that is a waste of energy. Without regassing, the air con system in the car, which takes quite a lot of power to create the conditions of cooling that you want, works very inefficiently: so much of the fuel you use for the cooling is wasted in doing very little.
AtmosCool offers a complete service in Refrigerant handling, maintenance and installation for the comercial and private market. You will find us to be friendly, professional and very competitive.

With County Power we specialise in commercial air handling systems and commercial refrigeration systems. We install the best brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu systems to the highest quality. We can also repair, service and maintain your air handling system to the highest standards.

Car Air Con Regassing
We also specialise in the Car Air Con Regassing - Email us for an car Air Conditioning service for your model. Visit us or we will come to you.  

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